What Andaman Tourism Has to Offer You?

Nestled leisurely in the center of Bay of Bengal close to India's eastern coastline is Andaman. Home to small islands galore, which boast amazing coral reefs, limestone cliffs and fascinating beaches, Andaman has relatively been unknown to travelers. But in last five years or so, it pops up as a thriving eco-tourism destination and calls upon a large number of travelers from far corners of the globe. Crystal blue waters, enshrouded jungles and stunning inlets give it an identity to be the best tropical escape around. Here's my pick of the best you can see, do and experience during tour to this spectacular Island. For the Adrenaline Junkies: If you say Andaman a heaven for thrill-seekers, it's certainly not an exaggeration. While being on an Andaman tour, one can enjoy a full range of exciting activities including climbing the limestone cliffs, exploring mystic jungles, caves & waterfalls, snorkeling, scuba diving and camping amidst lush green forests. For the best water sports, Havelock Island and Radhanagar Beach are must-visit places. A number of amusement parks have also been established to give travelers exciting funs & pleasures. For the Island Hoppers: Most of Andaman travelers say hopping leisurely and exploring virgin beauty of nature is the most enchanting thing to do at the island. The entire territory is magical dotted with scintillating beaches, big & small lagoons and lush tropical jungles packed of a unique wildlife. People take cruise ride to unleash magical beauty of waters. If they're lucky, they even get to spot sharks and several other marine species moving freely in water. Backwaters here are blessed with a matchless variety of flora & fauna, and are a treat for eyes & senses when exploring.

For History lovers: Andaman has a lot for those inclined towards history & cultures. There are several historical landmarks, with the famous Cellular Jail being the center of attraction. Cellular jail in Port Blais is the place where Indian freedom-fighters were sentenced. This was known as 'Kala Pani' and was the most dreadful name for Indians at that time. Apart from that, Anthropological Museum in port Blair offers excellent overview of the islands, its people and history. Nice arranged, this museum is sure to increase your knowledge about Andaman. Chatham Saw Mill, on the northern tip of Andaman, is one of the biggest and oldest saw mills of Asia, and is a must-visit place for history-admirers. Moreover, excellent Forest Museum and Samudrika Museum are also worth visiting. Blessed with scrumptious weather and soothing serenity & solace, Andaman allures honeymoon couples too. An array of tourism facilities has been established to ensure the visitors maximum comforts. Deluxe hotels & resorts, top-rated restaurants and excellent transportation here add more delights to one's holiday escape. For hassle-free trip to this island, some reputed companies offer Andaman packages for varied budgets. Searching online, you can get the one to match your buying criteria.